Testing protein shakes and powders before gastric bypass

So the nutritionist told me to start sampling protein shakes and powders now – because even though my tastes will change after surgery, sampling now will give me an idea of what I can tolerate later. Here is my review so far:

  1. Syntrax Nectars – I had high hopes for these – the idea of a fruity crystal-light like protein drink sounded refreshing and appealing. Sigh – the fuzzy navel (touted to be the best flavor) has a VERY strong aftertaste that highly resembles that pink antibiotic you had to drink as a kid. I actually could not take a second sip and my husband gagged.
  2. Unjury Protein Powders – Oh. My. Goodness. Drop everything and get a container of the Unjury Chicken Soup Flavor Protein powder. It is so absolutely yummy – tastes just like chicken broth and has 21 mg of protein for 1 scoop. There is NO aftertaste, and you can taste the powder straight out of the container. Absolutely yummy and I am praying my taste buds don’t change – because I am guessing this is going to be soothing after surgery when I can start protein.
  3. Unjury chocolate and vanilla shakes – ok – not terrible at all – but not amazing. I think I can tolerate these just fine.
  4. Syntha-6 – Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Milkshake. Ok – I fell in love with these before I realized that my nutritionist’s guidelines for protein shakes are 1. less than 6 grams of sugar (check, this one has 2), 2. greater than 15 grams of protein (check, this one has 22g) and 3. fewer than 3 grams of fat. Ahem. Sigh. (fail – this one has 6g).
  5. Costco Premier Protein – Chocolate – Yum! And meets all the requirements. I just bought 2 cases. They taste EXACTLY like chocolate slim fast. If you can drink a slim fast, you will do just fine with this!

I hope this is helpful – I couldn’t find too many posts about taste testing protein drinks! Cheers.

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