Sometimes things don’t go as planned…

And you want to drive down to DC and give your surgeon an earful. But you are too nice. So you sit at home angry and sad. Sigh. My surgeon overbooked patients for tomorrow, and canceled my surgery tomorrow. After all the planning we put in to this. Now, the kicker! The only date open is….any guesses? December 23rd. You know why the 23rd is open? Because no on in their right mind would choose to spend Christmas in the hospital…especially when they have a sweet, adorable, good 7 year old boy who deserves Christmas. The other kicker? If I don’t do it on the 23rd, I cannot do it at all until next Christmas, because I don’t have the leave at work. We are off the whole time between Christmas Eve and New Years.

I am not an angry person. I don’t yell. I don’t berate people. And yet somehow I cannot shake the thought that all the other people who were told they got bumped yelled, screamed and berated the office staff until they won. Which is why I am left with the 23rd. 

Trying to understand how this happened. And trying to process what I am going to do. And sad, because I was all set for tomorrow. Sigh.

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