Down 14 pounds…Day 7 post op

All the suffering is paying off, although I will be honest and say that I have never been less excited about losing 14 pounds. I am still pretty exhausted and uncomfortable, but determined to keep going. 

I got to start pureed foods and am in heaven. Pureed peaches, albacore tuna, scrambled eggs and protein shakes are my staples, and I tolerate them all well.

I just found two recipes I am getting ready to try – tuna cakes and refried beans (non fat) cooked with low fat cheese. Will let everyone know what I think and post the recipe later if they turn out. Hoping hubby likes the tuna cakes too!

I am getting in more than my fluid requirements, so I am proud of that. I sip nonstop, except before and after eating. Plain water, crystal light and propel fitness water zero in lemon are my staples for drinking!

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