Today is the first day I had any energy to type…6th day post-op

So, Amanda got her butt handed to her. While I knew gastric bypass was going to be hard and painful, I was unprepared for the part where a mere walk from the couch to the dining table makes me feel like I need a nap. Things I wish I knew pre-gastric bypass:

  1. That I would be desperate for a recliner at my house, but I don’t own one
  2. That I would be unable to get myself out of bed for the first few days, all night long, for the constant peeing out of IV fluids that occurs. That means your husband has to get up every time to pull you out of bed. Makes for some grouchiness 😦
  3. That coughing would make me beg to be transported out of my own body for a few minutes to survive the pain. 
  4. That tylenol with codeine does not cut it for everyone who goes home. I usually don’t take pain medicine, and recover from surgeries without it. This time I could barely wait the 3 hours between doses. Still, on day 6, I am taking it every 6 hours.
  5. That I would curse myself for doing this all the time, because I am so exhausted and run down. Then I have to remind myself of the longer distance picture.
  6. That it would be soooo hard to get vitamins in and all your protein. Just started pureed foods today and cannot eat much at all. You have to time your meals and drinks and vitamins all day long or you will be behind at bed and not be able to play catch up!

Speaking of which, I have another premier protein shake to get down before bed to meet my protein requirements for the day. Hope to post again tomorrow.

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