Day 8 Post Op – Am I starting to feel human again?

OMG…I think I went an entire few hours today without feeling cranky/uncomfortable/exhausted/miserable and I could really get used to this. This is giving me hope that there could be a serious uptick in my future. 

I don’t want to get too excited, but I rather desperately needed a break from feeling like hell. I spent all day yesterday managing (sorry if TMI, but good info for bariatric patients) drainage from my incision. (I had open Roux en-y) I went almost a week with nothing, and then all of a sudden there was not enough gauze in the world. It drained for an entire 13 hours, nonstop. Called doctor, he assured me it was normal. Last night in the wee hours it finally stopped, after starting to panic me.

Woke up this morning and seem to be back on track. Still have major abdominal swelling, which is normal. My doctor requires that we wear a binder 24/7, except in the shower, after surgery. It basically looks like a white corset which you pull together with velcro. It has been a blessing – it makes my stomach feel protected and safe – no worries about getting me to keep it on for the entire 6 weeks.

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  1. Hi! I’m so glad I found your blog. I’m due for Jan 7th with Dr. Afram! I will soon “Feel your Pain” 🙂

      • Cool! I too had to reschedule my surgery. Was supposed to be today! Doc decided he wanted to wait. I had to explain to them rescheduling leave is not that easy! Nevertheless, here I am. Lol. Hey, I have yet to hear from my Insurance. I was told the office handles that part but….I would hate to reschedule again. Did u cut it this close with your insurance approval? Should I be concerned?

      • I would call the office and confirm with Sallie that you have insurance approval, and I would demand a copy of it! Why did they say he wanted to wait to do your surgery? Did he give a reason? Don’t have the surgery without final confirmation that it is covered!!

  2. Oh. Did you buy the bariatric vitamins from the website or just buy your own OTC? I saw on the site there are vitamins at discount/reduced prices.

    • I just went ahead and bought all of them from Bariatric Advantage – I didn’t feel like price checking – but in the future might consider that. So far I am happy with all of the vitamins!

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