Favorite Pureed Stage Foods

Ok – the pureed stage is more exciting now that I have found a few things that I can make that feel like real food.

#1 Buffalo Chicken  – Take one can of chicken, drain, and put in bowl. Add two tablespoons of light ranch dressing and 1 tablespoon (or less to your taste) of buffalo sauce. Do NOT pick a high fat buffalo sauce – check the label first – they are all over the place! I used Franks’ Buffalo Sauce. Puree with blender or hand blender. Yum-o. I can only eat about 2 tablespoons in a sitting, but this is delis. Many people in later stages add blue cheese crumbles as well. I am stain away from any fat right now.

#2 Mexican Fiesta (lol) – Take fat free refried beans and top with pureed tomato (no sugar sauce) and 2% shredded mexican cheese. Microwave. Delish. I am sure you could use low fat sour cream too but I don’t love it.

#3 Fish cakes – Tuna, non fat yogurt, saltines, onion and garlic powered all pureed together and then pan fried in Pam. Absolutely freaking delish. And great protein.

#4 Italian substitute – A bit of ricotta cheese topped with tomato sauce (no sugar) and shredded low fat mozzarella microwaved. Yum.

These are all protein focused and fit the criteria for the pureed stage. I also understand a lot of people get Wendy’s chili and puree it – I looked at the nutritional information and I can see why – not high in sugar or fat and good protein. 

Hope these ideas help someone else in the pureed stage! Cheers.

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