First check in at the doctor

I had my one week check in yesterday – down 16 pounds – and everything is looking good. I am going back to work on Monday, part time. I am too exhausted to make it a whole day – just showering wears me out at this point. Which, on 400 calories a day, is not surprising.

Yesterday the doctor removed the sterile strips covering the scar and now it is just open. Looking good and healing properly. He emphasized continuing to meet my fluid requirements every day and meeting my protein. Good to go on both!

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  1. Hi! Had my surgery Tuesday (Jan 7) with Dr. Afram. Came home yesterday the 9th. Please tell me what we were thinking?! šŸ™‚

    • I agree! Just so you know the first 3 weeks seem to be just full of you being exhausted, but then you start to have a few days where you feel human! Hang in there and just take it day by day. Sugar free popsicles saved me the first week I was home!

  2. Question. I got Udinol for gall bladder beFore surgery. Do you still take it post? Also do you take B50? I have some and it is digusting! I fell in love with the Popsicles at the hospital. However, I haven’t had them at home. Takes all I can to get in my protein and water. Broth is even not on my radar. Between figuring out the schedule of the shots and vitamins…I have to remember to treat myself.

    • I had my gall bladder out a year before my surgery! Ugh – broth made me so sick after surgery. Wait – any chance I met you in the waiting room the other day at Dr. Aframs office? I was sitting in the waiting room chatting with someone who hated broth like me!!!

      • Lol!!! Yes that was me!! I was going to ask you at the office but wasn’t sure. Hit me via email sometime. Hope it’s going well. My protein shakes are starting to make me a little sick.

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