Quest Protein Bars – Where have you been all my life?

OMG – for the first time, ever, I tasted a protein bar that is absolutely delicious. What is even harder to believe is that it is low in sugar, high in fiber, low in calories and has no artificial sweeteners. I fully expected the Quest Coconut Cashew bar to taste like cardboard – until that piece of heaven hit my mouth. Run, do not walk, to you nearest store to try these things. I cannot WAIT to try the other flavors. Yum. O. For real. Gastic bypass protein heaven.

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  1. Hey lady!! How is it going?! I had a similar experience at my last meeting and the nutrition lady pissed me off so I haven’t been since! Lol. I have to go this month though. What day you going? I will try to schedule mine so we can catch up.

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